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Gaia Guru draws on wisdom from Ayurvedic, Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine, that has been lost to the modern world. We aim to combine this ancient knowledge with modern nutritional science in a way that restores the health and wellbeing of individuals, and the earth.

Founded in early 2019 around a kitchen table, 3 old school friends with personal connections to the health benefits of CBD dreamt to bring to market high-quality, U.K made CBD products.

Those friends are Rory, our product Guru, a leading voice in the fledgling CBD industry, James, graphic designer, fashionista, contact man and Ollie, a former executive head hunter and data ‘geek with pom poms’, combining to sow the seeds of what would become Gaia Guru. We use Rory’s 6 years of consultancy work in the CBD industry, product development skills and health expertise to create, educate and deliver to customers internationally, in turn aiding health conditions ranging from type 2 diabetes to epilepsy to dandruff, with our affordable but always high quality product range.

Now partnered with Urban Massage, Europe’s largest on-demand wellness app with 26,474,450 minutes of wellness under their belts (!), you may now book the Gaia Guru CBD Massage using our co-developed range of massage oils and balms. We provide training and education to a small dent of their 2000+ therapists to continue to innovate our products.

Recently we’ve welcomed Jake to the Gaia Guru team, a Producer with international experience and marketing pedigree to help bring our concepts and partnerships to life.

We are developing a wide range of products and partnerships across the wellness, beauty, lifestyle, sports, food retail and travel industries so please, watch this space!

About Gaia Guru


Rory has a BSc in Exercise & Sports Science, and an MSc in Personalised Nutrition. He completed his MSc dissertation on the application of cannabinoids in type 2 Diabetes. Rory has been using CBD for over 6 years, which has helped him with health issues, and improved his quality of life. He now studies the application of cannabinoids in other health conditions, and co-founded Gaia Guru to help educate on cannabinoids and CBD for supporting health.

About Gaia Guru


Oliver was previously an Executive Headhunter and has recently left Jaguar Land Rover after 4 years and a career in HR & Data Analytics to pursue a future with Gaia Guru. His legacy at Jaguar Land Rover was to create and implement across the business a ‘Single Customer View’ for all 25,000 Jaguar Land Rover employees incorporating over 200 data points for analysis.

About Gaia Guru


James has his finger on the pulse in the worlds of music, fashion, food and health. He often sees trends before they occur and is always ahead on the curve on what is vogue. Jame’s expertise lies in networking and marketing, and he enjoys combining business with his personal interests. James has a keen eye for design, which he has been using to make the Gaia Guru product line pop.

About Gaia Guru


A Producer who’s worked internationally across music festivals, experiential, concerts and a whole wealth of live events, Jake’s marketing expertise lie in identifying core values of brands, bringing to life creative concepts and rolling them out to huge effect. The Marketing Guru here, you can expect to see some really exciting projects.

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