About Gaia Guru

We founded Gaia Guru to bring back wisdom from ancient medicine that has been lost to the modern world. Gaia Guru loosely translates to ‘Earth Teacher’ and draws upon forgotten knowledge from Ayurvedic, Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We aim to combine ancient knowledge with modern nutritional science in a way that restores the health and wellbeing of individuals, and the earth.

We believe that quality is the key to health and longevity of the earth and its inhabitants, which is why we ensure our products are made from all natural, organic ingredients. Our ethos is to care for the earth so it may care for us, which is why we only support sustainable practices in the process of sourcing our ingredients. The packaging we use is also sourced with the environment in mind, and is fully recyclable.

CBD has been used in the form of medicinal cannabis for over 5000 years, and we believe it is a staple in protecting humans against the challenges of the modern environment.

We source our CBD from organically grown Cannabis Sativa in the EU. We ensure the extract is compliant with EU and UK legislation, containing no more than 0.2% THC, whilst also maintaining high levels of other beneficial cannabinoids besides CBD. Our extract also contains CBG-A, CBG and CBC as well as a rich diversity and concentration of cannabis terpenes. Whilst our extract is technically from hemp (< 0.2% THC), the diversity of its cannabinoid and terpene profile is reminiscent of strains of medicinal cannabis, which are typically richer sources of these compounds than ‘hemp’.

We test our extract and products for cannabinoid and terpene content to ensure our customers are getting what we promise. Pesticides and heavy metals can also undermine the process of health and healing, which is why we test that our products are devoid of these contaminants.

About The Founders

Gaia Guru was founded in 2019 by Rory, Ollie and James who have been friends since school where they met in 2003.


After having experienced health issues following university, Rory discovered CBD back in 2014 through one of the first UK CBD companies, based in Suffolk. Amazed at the positive impact CBD had on his health, Rory immersed himself in the study of medicinal cannabis. A few years later, he went on to graduate with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition. Rory wrote his masters thesis on the impact of cannabinoids in type 2 diabetes and continues to study the application of medicinal cannabis in other diseases and conditions.

At present, Rory works as a nutritionist advocating a holistic model of health and wellbeing. He emphasises the integration of personalised exercise, dietary, supplement, herbal and lifestyle recommendations to best meet the needs of individuals.


Oliver was previously an Executive Headhunter and has recently left Jaguar Land Rover after 4 years and a career in HR & Data Analytics to pursue a future with Gaia Guru. His legacy at Jaguar Land Rover was to create and implement across the business a ‘Single Customer View’ for all 25,000 Jaguar Land Rover employees incorporating over 200 data points for analysis.


James has his finger on the pulse in the worlds of music, fashion, food and health. He often sees trends before they occur and is always ahead on the curve on what is vogue. Jame’s expertise lies in networking and marketing, and he enjoys combining business with his personal interests. James has a keen eye for design, which he has been using to make the Gaia Guru product line pop.

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