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What is CBDA?

What Is CBDA? CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid) is the acidic precursor to CBD and is found in the stalks, stems, leaves, seeds and flowers of cannabis plants. CBDA is considered the raw form of CBD, and was traditionally thought to be pharmacologically inactive. CBDA is...

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How Does CBD Affect The Brain?

Some of you may be thinking, since CBD comes from cannabis, then CBD must be bad for the brain right? Quite the contrary. In fact Cannabis, when it is organically grown outdoors and taken in the right doses can be revolutionary for brain health, and CBD plays a large...

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CBD, Flow States & Peak Performance

Whilst the science is still catching up to what CBD can do specifically in the context of sports performance we’ve collated the latest research and show you the direction research is going... If you’re an athlete or fitness fanatic, then I’ll bet you’ve been in the...

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How To Incorporate CBD Drops Into Your Lifestyle

Variety is the spice of life, so why not mix up the way you enjoy your CBD!? The great thing about oral drops is you can carry them almost anywhere with you, and use them in a plethora of exciting new ways. Whether its a dishy dessert you are whipping up, or a...

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How Long Does It Take CBD To Work?

The way you use CBD and how it interacts with your unique complexion can determine how long it will take to work, and the effects you experience from it.

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