ChariTees For The Community

As you well know, Gaia Guru is mission, not sales, focused. We want to help people find the powerful alternative solution to their health issues. It’s why we offer the best quality and value CBD products in the market. We reinvest the small profits we make into product development to cover our community’s health needs, by offering them a variety of targeted solutions to suit their lifestyle.

Hopefully our ChariTees are well branded so the concept is self explanatory but let’s start with the basics:

Our Gaia Guru ChariTees are, of course, made from 100% Heavy Cotton and printed with our logo in iridescent foil that changes colour and sparkles in changing light. 

Our ChariTees are a way for you and us to support social causes during these troubling times. All profits will be donated weekly to a cause of your choice, voted for on Instagram. Whether this be some delicious hot food for a soup kitchen or a big round of coffees for our hardworking and chronically undervalued Care staff at local institutions.

So, why are we doing this? Being frank and it is no surprise but our sales of our normal CBD range are down… way down! We are using this time to instead focus on giving; in line with our company ethos we are looking to help our community. Behind the scenes we are sending our products to those most in need; whether it be an anxiety sufferer in need of our Calm CBD drops, an insomniac desperately in need of a good night’s sleep delivered by our Nightcaps or an essential worker needing muscle pain relief with our Muscle Balm – we are helping. But, not every problem generated by the crazy situation in all our lives can be solved by CBD however hard we wish it!

So… customers and brand supporters we wanted to offer you an opportunity to help us to do the ‘good work’ in a more direct fashion. Every week we will be asking you to choose between 2 social causes that would benefit from a little ‘pick me up’. To ensure safety for the beneficiaries and ourselves we will be strictly following government guidelines and utilising the services of businesses still operating. 

One thing we are never short of here at Gaia Guru are ideas! So, every week through our social channels we will be asking YOU to choose the cause that will benefit from this. 

Thank you for reading and stay safe in these hard times for all. The Gurus x

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