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Go to checkout on our website as you normally would, but select payment method as “Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies”

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!!Make a note of your order total before proceeding!!

Proceed with the order (Click Proceed to Coinbase) and choose to pay with Bitcoin.

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Next, you will see a QR code and BTC address showing your order total. Before sending BTC, you will need to buy some using the Coinbase app.

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Download the Coinbase app for Iphone or Android.

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Create a Coinbase account, add bank details and pass verification with your ID. 

Go back to the Coinbase app and buy Bitcoin. You may need to buy £3-4 more than your order total, to cover transaction fees.

I know….fess right, but think of it this way, you’re still receiving a £26 discount on the Day caps ☺️

You will now have Bitcoin in your Coinbase wallet. All thats left to do is send the Bitcoin to finalise the transaction.

Go back to your computer, and scan the QR code with your phone from within the Coinbase app. If you are checking out using mobile, you can just copy our BTC address and paste it into the Coinbase app to send.

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Here’s a video demo of how to send BTC using the QR code.

Enter your Two Factor Authentication code to finalise the transaction

The transaction will show as confirming on your web browser. When complete, you receive a confirmation email as usual.

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And you are done!

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