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CBD works for everyone differently. This is a guide to help you find out how to best use CBD to meet your unique needs.

Everyone is different, with different genetics, biochemical uniqueness and body compositions. All of these factors influence how quickly CBD is absorbed, used, stored and disposed of in a persons body.

These factors will determine:

1)  How long you need to take CBD for until you feel a noticeable difference in your symptoms

2)  How much CBD you need to take to ‘feel something’

Therefore, there is no one size fits all dosing recommendations.

Instead, we’ve devised a protocol which you can use to find your own personal sweet spot when it comes to using CBD.

This guide is designed for the use of CBD oral drops.


You can also use this for capsules, but if you are new to CBD its best to start with oral drops and move onto capsules.

When using capsules you will have to up the dose according to the capsule concentrations. Eg in increments of 10mg (+1 capsule each time).

How the protocol works

Protocol Overview

The protocol is split into three phases:


  1. Acclimation (for new users only)
  2. Discovery (current users start here)
  3. Maintenance


If you’ve never used CBD or cannabis before, the first step is to introduce your body and your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to CBD. This is a delicate introduction that is almost like a first date. You play it cool, and slowly get to know each other. You don’t go all in right away, because that would be overwhelming. The same is true for the introduction of CBD to the endocannabinoid system.

So, CBD is introduced to the ECS at very low doses to start, and slowly and gradually increased in dose over a series of 2 weeks.

CBD Acclimation

The above is for 500mg strength oral drops. If using 1000mg, just half the amount of specified drops above.

Just to manage your expectations appropriately, don’t expect to feel a significant difference to your symptoms or ailments at this stage. That comes later in dose discovery. You are simply introducing yourself to CBD, and sensitising your ECS to its presence.

CBD is powerful stuff, so you want to ‘start low and go slow’ before ramping things up. Be patient. Trust the process. It’ll prime you for a great future relationship with CBD.


Dose Discovery

This phase is exactly how it sounds. You are discovering your ideal dose. This is an iterative process whereby you use yourself as a sounding board for how your doses are impacting your symptoms and quality of life.

The process is easy, simply dose and track your experience to start. Keep increasing dose, and tracking your response until you find a dose which gives you sufficient relief from your symptoms.

The lower the dose the better, as you’ll save money on CBD in the long run.

If you need more, no sweat. The idea is to find the lowest possible dose that provides you the maximum effect. So you don’t waste CBD, but also get the most out of it.

CBD Dose Instructions

The discovery phase is all about feeling out your therapeutic window. Your therapeutic window is the space between the smallest dose which produces a meaningful effect, and the point where your response starts to plateau – the Lowest dose that provides maximum effect.

CBD Therapeutic Window

The point of the discovery phase is so you can find that sweet spot just before you reach your ceiling, as you will be wasting your CBD if you were to increase the dose any higher.

As you can see in the illustration above, you begin by tracking how your symptoms respond to taking 22.5mg/day (for users that have completed acclimation, or who have already used CBD/ cannabis).

Tracking is a very important part of this process, because it allows you to reflect and observe on how your symptoms change in response to taking CBD.

Using our tracking sheet, each day note down how you are feeling. This will help you gauge whether your current CBD dose is working for you, and whether you need to increase it or not.

Its also important to note down other significant things in your day that could impact how you are feeling, so you can reasonably assess what factors are at play in addition to the CBD.

You can also use the tracking sheet to gauge how topical CBD like muscle balms and massage oils are working. Simply write down how many pumps/fingertip units (FTU) you use each time, and what response you get.

If you have any questions, please don’t be shy – drop us a message.

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