The Guru’s Stories #1: Jacob Young

‘The Guru’s Stories’ are a series of features that showcase the benefits of CBD within a Guru’s day-to-day lives, demystifying how CBD products can be used in a balanced lifestyle to increase health & mindfulness and de-stigmatising any negative connotations that may be associated with use of CBD.

We catch up with Guru’s in their natural domains, be that on a race track, in a yoga studio, in their kitchen, performing in front of thousands of people or sharing their insights across Vlogs. CBD is here and Gaia Guru products have just landed, so check our first ‘The Guru’s Stories’ feature below video as we caught up with MX rider Jacob Young.


Jake Cooperwhite (JC): Hey Jacob, thanks for taking the time out to bring us to an amazing MX track here at Ashdown. Before we get into it, can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Jacob Young (JY): I’m Jacob Young and I’m a precision and stunt rider. I also race off road motorbikes and had a lot of fun out on the track today – I hadn’t ridden on a track like this for 6 months.

JC: We were all super pumped to see you back out there! So obviously we’re at a MX track today, but you do a range of riding, right?

JY: Yep, exactly. I do a variety of riding from sports bikes on the road to enduro to flat tracks on huge Harleys.

JC: You recently raced the Harley?

JY: Aha, yeah it was super fun. First race after my recovery, got 2nd which ain’t too bad!

JC: I guess the big question here, what happened for such a long recovery process?

JY: I was practising at an enduro spot and overshot an uphill jump by about 20 foot. I completely misjudged it and I landed on the next section of the uphill, bottoming the bike out and my left leg took most of the impact. Without getting into too much detail it wasn’t pretty, fracturing my leg multiple times and doing some tendon damage. Since then I’ve been on an intense physio and recovery process, but I’m getting there and finally back on a bike!

JC: Sounds intense. How has the recovery process been?

JY: The recovery hasn’t been easy, it’s been physically hard with the physio challenging and it’s a long, slow process. The physical element is a big factor of the process but mentally it’s been a real struggle too. From leading an active lifestyle to not being able to do much at all is hard!

JC: And during this time you’ve been taking CBD right?

JY: Yep – I’ve always used the drops the night before a race to help me sleep and calm the mind. I found myself incorporating these daily during my recovery and they’ve been incredibly helpful, again relaxing the minds and helping with the stress of living a less active routine.

JC: And out on today’s shoot, how was the CBD muscle balm during a quick breather?

JY: The shoot today was great, the track is real challenging here at Ashdown and I had to pull up for a quick pitstop half way through the day. All riders know what arm pump is, and if you’ve seen the hill here you know it get real, pretty quickly. I rode at first with no balm and struggled to ride as I’d usually like to. After I put on the balm I did another 10 laps and the pump didn’t come back – great stuff!

JC: And we caught you taking some drops throughout the day too – how do they help on the track?

JY: Helps manage the excitement and brings me clarity when I ride – as you can see can get pretty hairy out there.

JC: It definitely looks pretty hairy! Well thanks so much for catching up with us today, what else have you got in the pipeline now you’re back on a bike?

JY: I’ll be spending the rest of the year training and getting back into the fitness before the new season starts. Got some really exciting things in the pipeline across national and European events. I’ll for sure be recommending the Gaia Guru products to riders, if you can beat arm pump you’re on to something huge!

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